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 Unity 2VIEW as it's made To View is the last generation MP4 featured with a wide variety of innovations.
It allows you to screen easily MPEG/AVI files up to 800x480 without any file conversion with bit rate up to 30fps.
Including the latest absolutely different file type RM/RMVB - RealMediaVariableBitrate.This file type was generated by Real Networks, the Real Player developer company. RMVB allows you to save high quality screen while movie is in action scene with low memory loss by changing the bit rate of file. While the action bit rate is maximal if not necessary it is lower.
As a result you have high quality movies with smooth scenes in you player, you can enjoy them without any conversion ones file is 800x480pix.  
Totally Unity 2view supports:FLV,AVI,DirX,XviD,RM,RMVB .

If you do really love music then you should appoint this: APE,FLAC,AAC,AC3,WAV,OGG - Unity 2VIEW supports all of these formats with typical bit rate 600-1000 kbps.Thanks to it you can enjoy your favorite licensed CD-s with same sound quality as your home sound system can provide! MP3 and WMA are also in the list.

Including high quality sound file support 2VIEW has a built in MS PlayFX™ system, this option was developed by leading companies Microsoft® and Rockchip®. Instead of regular EQ, MS PlayFX™ sound enhancement system has 3 levels:
*Pure Bass - makes the Bass to absolute Bass .
*Auto Volume - automatically adjusts the volume to the currently played file and equalizer settings .
*3D sound - produces a full 3D sound inside your headphones, making you feel in the very center of music.

Even more, Unity 2VIEW has built in Media Library function which lets you to sort tracks by Artist , Album , Style or Favorite.
There are many other useful features like Watch , Calendar , Time Meter , Adjustable desktop styles and bit rate of voice recorder
(45Kbps or 128Kbps). The picture browser has Rotation, Zoom and Slideshow functions. Such as TXT file viewer has Font Size or Color adjustments.
The MicrSD card reader allows you to upgrade 2 view memory up to 2Gb.

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